Threat Item Recognition Course

Postal Devices Course

The Postal Devices Course features case studies of postal attacks, interactive examples of devices used and a comprehensive guide to handling suspicious items.

Postal bomb attacks are now one of the most common means of criminal and terrorist attacks upon organisations and individuals in the world. Therefore all personnel who handle mail should become familiar with the characteristics of suspicious packages.

S.T.O.P. Terrorism Course

Terrorism Programme

The Terrorism Programme uses text, video and narration to present an up-to-date reference point for this ever-challenging subject.

Featuring an extensive index of organisations and events, it also introduces personnel to the methodology and agendas of terrorist groups.

Document Verification


Combining narration with interactive case-studies The Passport Courses will update personnel on the increasingly sophisticated methods used by forgers and criminals to manufacture and alter passports, visas and other travel documents; and introduce effective procedures and sound techniques for identification of instances of forgery.

Trefox Course

Training Essentials For Xray Course

TREFOX combines narrated video, animated demonstrations and an interactive x-ray simulation to show how an x-ray machine works. The programme covers basic health and safety as well as more complex subjects such as the interpretation of x-ray images
available in English, Hebrew & Chinese